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Hello. I'm Neelou Malekpour. S M U D G E D started as a tribute to my grandmother, who was my best friend and passed away many years ago. She taught me all about smudging with Wild Rue to dispel the “evil eye” and how to be responsible for my energy, and the vibration I put out into the world. When I was a kid we did many rituals together and as I grew older, any time I was in a funk, or needed the energy in the room to feel different, I would burn Wild Rue – it changed the mood in the room instantaneously! Through travel, and immersing myself in various cultures, the rituals I practiced and the list of herbs I burned grew as I learned more about plant allies. (But Wild Rue is still the main ingredient in all of all of our ritual kits!)

Energy is real. So, S M U D G E D is all about attaining and maintaining a high vibrational frequency. All of our ingredients and products are sourced mindfully and we do our very best to respect the abundance Mama Earth provides. Since White Sage has become so popular, we are careful not to add to it’s over harvesting. The Sage we use is certified organic, and sustainable. The other herbs, flowers, and plants we include in our products are gathered with care and anything that can be, is culinary grade.

Our intention is to unite people energetically and raise the collective vibration by first, being responsible for our own energy and what kind of vibes we put out into the world. And then, by creating all kinds of goodies that transform one’s energetic frequency and get rid of bad juju. We are committed to mindful and ethical business practices, we donate 11% of all proceeds to charity, and everything we create is handmade in Miami Beach.

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