The Magic Maker (large)

The Magic Maker (large)


Limited Edition Dreamcatcher to Bring Flow + Magic Into Your Life

Intentions: Anxiety Relief, Healing in Relationships, Creativity, Destiny, Clarity, Breaking Cycles, Protection, Exploration, Courage

Hang this beautiful statement piece in your home to change your vibe and raise your frequency. If you suffer from anxiety, its presence will bring you calm. If there is tension in your home, it works to dislodge fear and foster vulnerability. It will invite inspiration and courage and flow into your home and into your life. Set a clear intention and receive that magic you need right now.  

Stones: Sodalite, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline. This custom made, one-of-a-kind dream catcher was created to catapult change, invoke protection and inspire magic. 

This Magic Maker will help you re-align your values and re-evaluate your priorities. During times of change we may be triggered and feel a bit out of control with inner personal crisis, or external events or sudden change that is out of our control. Use this dreamcatcher as an ally. It can help give you the support you need to reshape the way you live your life instead of feeling victimized or despairing about any given situation.

16" - 19" in length. 

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