EFT/Tapping with Wellevation + SMUDGED

EFT/Tapping with Wellevation + SMUDGED


On Sunday, June 23 at 12pm PT (3pm ET) join Lindsey Lekhraj of @wellevation.co and Neelou Malekpour of @smudged.co for a live online EFT/Tapping workshop focused on NAVIGATING CHANGE.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful tool for moving stuck or sluggish energy and emotions through the body by “tapping” on specific meridian points. Combined with the power of affirmations and the healing sound of your own voice, EFT Tapping is a tool that can be used by anyone in any emotional state. This technology creates a quick shift in mood and empowers individuals to release negativity and set their own frequency.

Those who are unable to make it will receive a link to watch and practice the exercises for 72 hours. Running time is approximately 45 minutes. $11.11

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Lindsey Lekhraj is a Holistic Wellness Coach in Los Angeles, certified in EFT Tapping, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Lindsey’s own wellness journey began over 10 years ago, and she is passionate about supporting others along their own paths to health and happiness. Her unique approach combines tools used to facilitate rapid transformation as well as deep, long-lasting change and healing.

Neelou Malekpour owns SMUDGED, in Miami Beach - a conscious brand dedicated to the Art of Sacred Smoke. She is a certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner and a green witch (the good kind). Energy is real. So, S M U D G E D is all about attaining and maintaining a high vibrational frequency. All of our ingredients and products are sourced mindfully and we do our very best to respect the abundance Mama Earth provides. Our intention is to unite people energetically and raise the collective vibration by first, being responsible for our own energy and what kind of vibes we put out into the world. And then supporting people in effectuating positive ripples within their own lives.