Strawberry Full Moon Pour

Strawberry Full Moon Pour



We are excited to have 11 of these Strawberry Moon candles (6 Black + 5 white) for sale. They are being poured tomorrow on the full moon and will be available for shipping next week. Click link to purchase. Free shipping for anyone who purchases before 11:11 pm tomorrow EST. 

There’s a lot of masculine energy in this full moon under the sign of Capricorn. As Lena Stevens of @the_power_path says:

“Many of us shy away from being aggressive towards what we want because of the negative expressions we have witnessed from the inappropriate actions of the masculine. And we certainly are not interested in creating any more karma.

We have an opportunity to heal our relationship with the masculine, forgive the past, and set new intentions for appropriate action. Use this full moon to do something just a bit more aggressive towards what you want than you are used to. Stretch a little but keep your integrity intact.”

And this is exactly what this candle will help you manifest. It’s an opportunity to own our own power and take responsibility for what we want to bring into our live while releasing that which is holding us back. 

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