NEW MOON in LEO (limited smudge wand)

NEW MOON in LEO (limited smudge wand)


These LIMITED smudge wands were created under the influence of the NEW MOON in LEO and SOLAR ECLIPSE. CITRINE points, ROSES + CHRYSANTHEMUMS, representative of the summer, come together and allow us to harness the power of our magnificent SUN. The energy of the eclipse empowers us to manifest great change within our own lives and surroundings. Not to mention, Chrysanthemums are especially magical in blessing one’s home.

The smoke wafting from these bundles encourages us to be vulnerable and brave. It’s time to take your tribulations and literally burn them up - once and for all. That is the power of this wand.

INGREDIENTS: 100% certified organic, Cali grown sage + wild flowers tied with hemp string. Wrapped with a raw CITRINE crystal, comes in a hand-stamped muslin bag with a POWER THOUGHT CARD. 
about 5" long

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