NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (limited smudge wand)

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (limited smudge wand)


These LIMITED smudge wands will be charged under the NEW MOON in AQUARIUS + imbued with reiki symbols to promote self love, heart healing + a celebration of women.


  • KYANITE CRYSTAL supports self love + healing by neutralizing chaos. It emanates a tranquil + peaceful energy to promote peace of heart + peace of mind. And it’s such a high vibe stone, you never have to cleanse it!

  • WHITE SAGE - certified organic, 100% sustainable + ethically sourced from a family farm in southern California will powerfully cleanse + protect you and your space

  • EUCALYPTUS - transmutes stale energy, bringing FRESHNESS to any situation - heals regrets and worries

  • PINK ROSES - to call in the energy of a graceful, sweet, everlasting self love

  • ASTIBLE - to transmute societal programming into a deep, all encompassing love of ourselves…with that LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, starry eyed fairy tale kind of vibe

  • MIMOSA - in celebration of women + connecting to our Divine Feminine

The smoke wafting from these bundles encourages us to fall deeply in love, with ourselves. Let’s switch up the commercialism + propaganda of Valentine’s Day into something beautiful + life changing. Whether you’e in a relationship, happily single, or wanting to connect with a partner - the love we receive from others starts with the love we feel for ourselves.

Burn this LIMITED wand with the power of the NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS to connect to the truest, most unconditional love of oneself. Let’s open our hearts + let true love reign. It’s what our planet needs right now. That is the power of this wand.

INGREDIENTS: 100% certified organic, Cali grown sage + wild flowers tied with hemp string. Wrapped with a raw KYANITE crystal, comes in a hand-stamped muslin bag with a POWER THOUGHT CARD. 
very limited quantities || approx 7" long

Please note: The wands WILL LOOK DIFFERENT when they dry!

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