MERCURY RETROGRADE Sacred Herb Bundle (limited smudge wand - FREE SHIPPING)

MERCURY RETROGRADE Sacred Herb Bundle (limited smudge wand - FREE SHIPPING)

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These LIMITED smudge wands were created under the influence of last week’s NEW MOON in CANCER in support of MERCURY RETROGRADE. The herbs + flowers in this curated bundle come together, in harmony + assist us in cleansing, grounding + releasing that which no longer serves us. They create a strong, grounding container of support for whomever needs it right now.

The bundle comes with the following:

  • the healing energy of EUCALYPTUS (to clear out all that no longer serves us),

  • BLACK SAND (you will have a vial to place on your altar as a physical representation of grounding into Mother Earth)

  • the sweetness of ROSE (to bring kindness and compassion to all of our communication,

  • FEVERFEW (to eradicate sickness or stagnancy - in the home, the mind and the body),

  • and an AMETHYST (sparks your intuition + help you connect to your own spirituality in a way that is authentic to you; it's a protective stone that will connect to your CROWN CHAKRA + help you connect to your own Divinity; it will quiet a looping Monkey Mind and will calm anxieties + worried; will also help you tap into your intuition and hear the actual truth of situations - not your ego's version, and helps with breaking any habits or addictions)

  • a candle burning ritual where I light a candle and perform a remote cleansing ritual for everyone who purchases this bundle with the intention of clarity + grounding, during mercury retrograde - I need you to respond with your full name and birthdate for this please

  • a "randomly" selected power thought card

  • free shipping

We have only 10 of these available and they are almost fully dried, ready to ship out.

PLEASE NOTE* The bundles will look different than pictured because the flowers and herbs will have dried so you can burn them + use as sacred smoke. Each bundle is handmade and will look slightly different. They are about  5-7” long.

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